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                                                     Fast Ethernet Bandwidth

Businesses that are considering purchasing a DS3 circuit, 45 megabits per second (mbps), may be better served by obtaining a FastE circuit.  

One advantage of FastE over DS3 is price. The monthly cost of a DS3 (45 mbps) circuit can average about $2700. The monthly cost of a 50 mbps FastE circuit can be as low as $2400. Another example of cost savings of FastE versus DS3 is that the monthly cost of a full 100 mbps FastE circuit is approximately $3500. At this price, for less than $1000 more per month, you may obtain more than twice the bandwidth of the DS3 circuit. The reason averages are used for these examples is that bandwidth prices and availability are almost always dependent upon specific geographic location.  

Another advantage of FastE when compared to DS3 is scalability. FastE is far more scalable than DS3. The bandwidth of a FastE circuit can be increased up to 100 mbps after installation, often without additional installation fees. Once a DS3 circuit is installed, if speeds greater than 45 mbps are required, a business would normally have to purchase a separate, larger circuit, possibly incurring installation and large up-front build out costs for laying of additional fiber.  

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